Setting sail to research ocean plastic pollution

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Back in 2018 I applied to join eXXpedition to sample Ocean microplastic pollution levels. After an interview with one of the super sea-going women that make up part of their team, I was given the chance to join them on a 24 day sailing mission from Rapa Nui to Pape'ete.

The Leg 8 voyage sails through the unique and far-flung waters of the South Pacific Ocean. It’s an intimidating 24 days at sea, 3240 nautical miles mostly without seeing land starting from Rapa Nui sailing to Tahiti in French Polynesia stopping only briefly in the infamously polluted and uninhabited Henderson Island to carry out essential plastic pollution sampling.

Not only will I be researching at sea in different echelons in the water column (surface, subsurface and sediment sampling) but also be using my expertise in waste management and treatment/disposal methods to look at the plastic pollution challenges faced on land as well.

Leg 8 - Rapa Nui to Tahiti via Henderson Island

Since then it’s been a mission to raise funds, learn more about the current existing research and work out how to best use the knowledge I’ll be gaining on the trip in the future.

I hope to share this amazing experience and the cutting-edge scientific research evaluating distribution, abundance and microplastic composition in the South Pacific accumulation zone with you all.

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